Our Vision in Missions.

We are the Viera's, Joel & Stepphany,

Our heart is to push a generation in Guadalajara, Mexico to healing and to hope. We are going on 4 years of marriage and from the very start of it we always saw and felt the Calling to help others. From traveling to 21 countries we learned so much. When we landed in Mexico we knew there was something about it that made it home.

Our focus will be supporting Rehab centers and equipping College students. Sadly, in those rehab centers there are children as young as 9 to 18. Our aim is to collaborate with college students by creating work study opportunities for them to help these centers. Our job as creatives has led us to use Art as a way to counsel and bring hope to many lives. Whether it's through painting or through a lens, we will use Art Therapy to target trauma wounds and lead men and women to the other-side. Our greatest desire is to bring the good news of healing to the people of Guadalajara. Please consider partnering with us as we take this leap of faith to reach a generation that need our help. THE VIERA'S