Our Vision in Missions.

Every place we have visited has filled our hearts, as we arrive to a place as much as we see the need, our response is always to help. Our focus is the work with indigenous people, young adults and refuges or people who have been deported. But most of all our heart is to train people using the creative arts. With this tool we hope to encounter people in remote areas.We have said yes to the responsibility that has been burdened in our heart. Maybe we cannot change the whole world. But we can change one life at a time, and that will be worth it. In our time in Bolivia we have learned how to detect abuse through art therapy . Our plan is to continue to focus and help kids and adults that have been affected. Partner with us to help support those that are in so much need, we wont ever be able to do it alone, the vision isn't for us alone its for all of you to walk with us and fan the flame of what is it to spread the gospel. People all over the world need you.