We are a husband and a wife that share a passion to creative! We capture any and every special moment whether it be a surprise proposal a sweet sixteen, a wedding and more! Our goal is to bring you back to the most important and enjoyable moments of your life by looking back in our art. Not only are we known for our passion to creative, but also for giving back. We started our dream nonprofit organization, Traveling Thrift in November 2018.

We travel around the world (25 + countries) in hopes of shedding light on social injustices, economic issues, and under resources communities. While traveling, we purchase hand made goods from the locals, and sell them here in the US. 25% of our proceeds are returned directly to the cause in need. 

Joel took one look into his lens and fell in love with the girl of his dreams. Well... that’s how Stepphany likes to tell the story. The beginning of our relationship was a bit of a surreal fog... fast forward and we’ve lost track of how long we’ve been on this love journey! We tied the knot two years ago and have been living on the clouds ever since. We hope our story continues to inspire others as we pursue our dreams to the fullest. Thank you for all of your support! 



““I honestly can not put into words how grateful we are to Joel and Stepphany for capturing our engagement! Their work was well thought out and crafted in a way that has since allowed us to feel each and any every emotion felt on that day. The love, tears, and prayers that were put into that moment, we all captured- which I truly believe is a unique and special craft. I’ve always valued the power of a photo/video, and the joy it can produce each and every time it is looked at.”